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Sibbald Point Provincial Park
Sutton West, Ontario

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Campground Reviews for Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Campground Review by shy of toronto, ON
Reviewed on Thursday, May 30, 2013

1.5 Star - too many partiers
people in reviews here complain about overly strict wardens. i can see how that would be annoying as privacy would be stripped from always being watched. but at the same time, i understand why the wardens have been made to behave this way. in the past several years, we've given sibbald a fair shot. it IS close to the city making it convenient for short trips. but each time we went, even if it's always in radio free zones, we got little sleep due to young people partying it up into the wee hours of the morning. the problem is that the park wardens are there during the day but vanish at night. they need to rethink that strategy. all in all, we enjoyed our campsites. washrooms were okay - sometimes could have been cleaned up more regularly. we've been to many provincial parks for camping and i would say sibbald is the sloppiest. they need to get back on track. i believe i read somewhere of a family that grew up going to sibbald but in recent years, the quality has gone down. i can totally see that. i would suggest everyone should write in their complaint to ontario parks. help save sibbald. it can be a better place! partiers, however, need to get a life and learn to party without using a family-like environment to act like the losers that they are.

Campground Review by Camper of Toronto, ontario
Reviewed on Sunday, August 19, 2012

2 Star - Horrible!
I cant believe this is a provincial park. Ive stayed at many and this does not compare. Our site was literally on the road. A road which is as busy as a city road at rush hour all times even during the night! They ran out of wood but dont allow you to bring your own so no fire our last night there, the noise is unbelievable, i went for relaxation and came back stressed! The washrooms are filthy. Floors covered in thick mud, etc. In three days, they were cleaned once. I avoided a shower on my last day as it was full of mud and garbage and too dirty to go in. The wardens are ridiculous during the day and will creep into your site if you are breathing he wrong way it seems. But at night they are nowhere to be found. We stayed in the radio free zone and still didnt get a wink of sleep due to partiers etc. I could go on and on. Bottom line: camp in ur backyard, you'll get more peace. I stayed with my boyfriend we are both late 30s and both hated it. Thanks:)

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