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Bonnie Lake Camping
Bracebridge, Ontario

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Welcome to Bonnie Lake Camping

Bonnie Lake is a completely private wilderness lake located in the heart of the Muskoka District of Ontario, an easy two hour drive north of Toronto. It is one of the few unspoiled wilderness areas left, a lake without cottages dotting the shoreline, water so clean and clear you can see the fish and drink the water, an area with clean air and tall pines and miles of nature trails. You will see many different species of birds and wild animals, and you are free to pick the wild berries. Hiking trails are 15 feet wide and the grass is kept cut for easy travel.

All camping spots are at or near the lake, all near running water and clean garbage and toilet facilities. One-way roads and extra large pull through sites can accommodate any camping vehicle or tent- sites available with or without service hookups.

Be sure to bring your camera when you come to Bonnie Lake. Not only is the scenery spectacular, but you might catch one of the many record-size fish in the lake. There are lake trout, rainbow trout, small and large mouth bass, rock bass, perch, sunfish, and other fish. We also stock fish in Bonnie Lake for your fishing pleasure.

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