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Amberlite on Lake Weikwabinonaw
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

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Welcome to Amberlite on Lake Weikwabinonaw

From the serenity of the lake's tranquil waters and the splendor of the woodland foilage, to the abundance of fish and wildlife, Amberlite is a haven for nature lovers. Amberlite is a forty acre jewel nestled in a red pine stand on a secluded lake in Northwestern Ontario. Located less than two hours from both the Thunder Bay International Airport and the Pigeon River USA Border Crossing, Amberlite provides you with seclusion and privacy without the flying! Amberlite encompasses over 6,000 feet of shoreline on beautiful Lake Weikwabinonaw. The lake has a forty-five mile perimeter and covers a surface area of over thirty three hundred acres. Fifty plus islands, as well as "sunken islands", reefs and wide shoals provide for fantastic fishing for huge smallmouth bass, prized walleye and the great northern pike. Amberlite is an extraordinary place - built in absolute harmony with its lakefront setting and forest surroundings. It is a place where rugged natural beauty merges with the luxury of recreational lakefront vacationing to form a captivating combination. It's a place to be explored! Amberlite has been in existence for over to 30 years, and now under second generation management. Your Hosts, Scott & Rachel Macsemchuk, welcome you to experience Amberlite real soon.

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