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Pine Lake Campground of Ontario
Bayfield, Ontario

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Welcome to Pine Lake Campground of Ontario

A new concept in family camping owned and operated entirely by the members. 80 acres of beautiful Pine & Hardwood forests. Lovely large lots up to 50' x 100', shaded or in the sunshine. Why pay increasing seasonal rates and endure overcrowded public camping facilities? Your own campsite at Pine Lake can solve all these problems for one initial outlay. An investment in your future enjoyment, by buying a Membership. Membership You pay one sum of money to become a Member at Pine Lake and acquire your campsite. Permanent Campsites are fully serviced with: Metered electricity Year round water Sewers Telephones and Cable TV are available Visit us soon... look around the park...then buy a membership, or rent one of our overnight lots to see if you like the park...we are sure you will become another satisfied camper. You receive a Membership Certificate, Rules & Regulations & Bylaws of the Corporation, when you acquire a Membership. Entry to the Park is by key card for Members. Others register through the office. Operating Costs Each year a budget is drawn up, and presented to the membership in October for approval. Yearly dues are paid by every member - and the amounts are based on the anticipated cost of operating the Camp for the coming year. Structure The Campground is divided into eight (8) sections ASH A Section (54 sites) BIRCH B Section (55 sites) CEDAR C Section (53 sites) ELM E Section (53 sites) FIR F Section (54 sites) PINE P Section (53 sites) SUMAC S Section (53 sites) TEAK T Section (54 sites) History The Campground was turned over to the Members who had acquired long term leases in January, 1978. In July of that year, elections were held in the eight (8) estates for Directors, and since that time the Directors have administered the Camp, with the help of volunteers, and a full time year round Manager, who lives on the premises. On January 15, 1985, a Corporation change was finally completed, which made us a non-profit recreation organization and every Campsite is now entitled to one vote. You no longer lease a lot, you buy a Membership - and when selling, your Membership is assigned to the buyer. The Corporation owns the land - YOU OWN WHATEVER IS ON YOUR CAMPSITE.

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