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Sunny Hill Resort
Barrys Bay, Ontario

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Welcome to Sunny Hill Resort

Experience Algonquin looking across Bark Lake from your front window. Sunny Hill Resort is located on the east shore of Bark Lake - traveling by road it will take you 30 minutes to enter the wonders of Algonquin Park from the East Gate. Sunny Hill Resort, nestled amidst acres of secluded Crown land, offers the vacationer as active a lifestyle as desired. Indulge in your favourite hobby or sport, or simply relax and enjoy your well-earned holiday. Whatever your pleasure, you will feel warmed by the natural charm of your surroundings. Fishing enthusiasts will delight in the catch offered by Bark Lake - both in size and supply. Lake Trout has a year round season and we fish walleye/pickerel and pike. There are small mouth and largemouth bass in Cub Lake - reached only by boat - and in winter whitefish abound. Sunny Hill has a long natural beach, a protected swimming area and clear, clean water. As well, across the lake, there is a beautiful small park on Bark Lake which has a playground, picnic tables, firepits, change rooms and toilets. Travel by boat for an afternoon or a day - pack a picnic. Miles of natural trails and acres of woodlands, all on Sunny Hill property, offer unlimited opportunities for bird and wildlife watching. For those who enjoy the water, explore the more than 60 miles of shoreline surrounding Bark Lake in a boat or canoe. discovering uninhabited beaches and coves. If you like to explore by car, the Madawaska Valley, with its unique flavour of simple living and unspoiled beauty, is famed for world-renowned artisans and craftspeople.

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